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ATM and Telephone Banking FAQs

Telephone banking

Can my PIN number for Telephone Banking be the same as my PIN number for my debit card?

Your debit card PIN is a 4-digit number and your Telephone Banking PIN is 6 digits. Therefore, you will not be able to use the same PIN for your debit card and Telephone Banking.

Can I change my Telephone Banking PIN?

The first time you access Telephone Banking you will be required to change your Telephone Banking PIN.


I am having problems using my debit card.

When using your debit card at the ATM, please remember to use the 4-digit debit card PIN provided.

How can I request a "Mini Statement" when using the ATM?

"Mini Statements" are found on the Main Menu of the ATM screen. If you would like a copy of your most recent transactions, select "yes" when prompted to either print or view your recent transactions.

How do I make a deposit when using the ATM?

When at the ATM, the "Deposit" option is found on the Main Menu. Deposit envelopes are dispensed by the ATM itself at select locations throughout the island. Be sure to place your advice slip into the envelope with your deposit.

Can I perform multiple transactions when doing my banking at an ATM?

Yes. With our ATMs you are able to pay bills, check your account balances and even order a chequebook. Please remember since your card will always be dispensed before your cash you will need to make sure you complete your other transactions before you do a withdrawal. If you do a withdrawal first, you will need to insert your card again to perform other transactions.

Can I make a bill payment to my credit card using the ATMs?

Yes. Credit card payments can be made at the ATM by selecting the "Bill Payments" option in the Main Menu location. Next, simply follow the on screen menus which will prompt you through the credit card payment process. If you do not see your credit card account in this location, please call the call centre at 299-5959 to attach the credit card to your account for easy bill payment using the ATM network.

Can I pay a utility bill using the ATMs?

You can also pay utility bills using an ATM if your bill payees have been set up with your debit card. If you don't see utility bill payees under the pay bills section on the ATM, please call the call centre on 299-5959 to request that your bill payees be enabled. You'll need your list of bill payees as well as the account numbers with those bill payees to complete this task.

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Debit cards

Why does my debit card display my account number?

Displaying the account numbers on the front of the debit cards, is usual practice in many HSBC jurisdictions and in many instances is helpful for example, when you are completing a payment transaction via an ATM, you will no longer need to remember your account number.

Is there a risk associated with having my account number on my debit card?

Having the account number on your card is just like having your chequing account number on your cheques. No one can perform any transactions without having further information such as your PIN or ID and a signature.

What is the 10-digit number under my name on my debit card?

In addition to your 16-digit card number, the debit card also includes your new primary account number.

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