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Paying Your Bills Online


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Paying household bills online

Did you know that you can pay many of your household bills online? From your electricity to phone bills, we have a wide variety of utility payees available; including:

  • Bermuda Telephone
  • Cablevision
  • Logic Communications
  • Bermuda Gas

Please see our full list of online payees.

We've made it even easier to search for bill payees

Our Including feature enables you to automatically search for payees by simply typing in a few of the letters included anywhere in the Merchant name.

By selecting Starting with from the drop-down menu you can also search for payees by typing the first few letters of the Merchant name.

These two search options are in addition to typing the Merchant name in full.

If you have trouble locating a payee, please check our full list of online payees to see if the Merchant is available and if so the way the Merchant name is recorded in our system.

How to add a new bill payee online

Step 1 – Within Internet Banking, select Pay Bills from the left navigation area and then Add a Payee.

Step 2 – Search for the payee you want to add using either the Including or Starting with features in the drop-down menu.*

Step 3 – Select the Merchant that you want to add from the list below.

Step 4 – Follow the prompt and add your Merchant account number (no spaces or punctuation).**

Step 5 – Enter the Transaction Data Signing code, from your HSBC Security Device, for your account number in applicable fields.

Step 6 – Finally click Add and you've successfully added a new online payee. Your payee will automatically be stored for next time.

* Please be aware that Merchant names may be abbreviated or truncated characters (Bermuda Fire & Marine is reflected as BF&M General Insurance in the payee list and Bermuda Waterworks Limited is reflected as BDA Waterworks LTD – if you have any doubts about the name of the payee please refer to your billing statement from the merchant, or ask an HSBC customer service representative for help).

** Be sure to keep your merchant account numbers up to date. Many bill payment issues stem from merchant account numbers that have not been updated.

Adding your credit card as a payee

Step 1 - Within Internet Banking, choose Add Payee from the left navigation area as per normal.

Step 2 - In the text box, type in the name of your card such as 'Gold', 'Premier' or' Mastercard'.

Step 3 - Enter your credit card number when you're prompted for the account number.

Step 4 – Enter the Transaction Data Signing code, from your HSBC Security Device, for your card number in applicable fields.

Step 5 – Click Add.

Step 6 – Click Confirm. Your payee should now be visible in your list of online payees, or in the maintain payee list.

Paying that bill

Once you've added your payees, paying your bills online is easy.

Step 1 – Within Online Banking or via the Mobile app, select Pay Bills and then Pay a bill (BMD / USD) from the left navigation area.

Step 2 – Select the HSBC account that you want to pay the bill from; then select the payee from the Pay to: drop-down list, that you want to pay.*

Step 3 – Complete the remaining payment details, amount; payment date and frequency; and any notes for your account and click Pay.

Step 4 – Your transaction has been completed. However, the payment processing time can vary from real-time to two to three business days, depending on the Merchant's method of receiving payments.

Within Online Banking, if you want to pay multiple bills at once, please select Pay multiple bills (BMD) from the left navigation area at Step 1 and then continue as described.

* If your Credit Card is a USD card, you will not be able to pay the bill using the Pay multiple bills (BMD only) feature in Online banking; instead please select Pay a Bill (BMD / USD) from the left navigation and then complete the procedure as normal.

Don't see your credit card listed as one of your accounts?

Step 1 – Within Internet Banking, select Services from the left navigation area.

Step 2 – Next, select Select Accounts from the left navigation area.

Step 3 – When you see your credit card listed here, tick the box under Selection and press Select. Your credit card will now be added to your Account Summary page.*

* If you have an HSBC Bermuda Credit Card and it is not listed here, then please call our call centre on +1441 299 5959.

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