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Online Credit Card Application

For all applications, please provide a copy of your:

  • Bermuda driver's license or passport to be verified in person by an HSBC employee
  • Letter of employment confirming you are currently employed, on company letterhead including your commencement date as well as your gross and net salary
  • Payroll stub for the last 3 months confirming your gross and net salary
  • Bank statements for the past 3 months, proving salary deposits (only required for non HSBC salary deposits)
  • Investment account statements, if with banks other than HSBC Bermuda
  • Lease agreement verifying rental income (if applicable)
  • Child support agreement (if applicable)

If you are of Non-Bermudian nationality with Bermudian status please provide a copy of one of the following:

  • Bermuda status certificate
  • Permanent residency letter
  • Spousal letter

If you are of Non-Bermudian nationality with a work permit please provide a copy of your:

  • Current work permit

If self-employed :

  • A completed Bermuda Tax form
  • Financial Statements for the previous two years

Please note that work permit holders are required to post 50% collateral against the value of the approved limit, for the lifetime of the card. If you increase your limit in the future, additional collateral will have to be posted. The collateral requirement can be released only if the card is paid in full and cancelled, and can be reduced only if the approved limit is reduced.

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See our Credit Cards Agreement related to your HSBC Credit Card application.

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