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Home Buildings Insurance

Is your home and property protected from the unexpected?

Home Building Insurance provides financial protection against small or extensive damage to the structure of your private residence. This product provides coverage based on the cost of rebuilding the home. The policy also supplies coverage for a basic level of damage to your residence. It protects your home against damages caused by perils such as fire, windstorm, lightning storms, floods, theft and vandalism.


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Who is this policy for?

  • Owners of free standing homes
  • Condominiums owners in circumstances where there is no specific insurance requirement by a condominium committee. An appraisal is typically required.


Coverage Features

  • Loss of rent
  • Alternative rental accommodation
  • Damage by landslip
  • Property Owners Liability
  • Damage to plants and shrubs
  • Damage to satellite dishes
  • Damage to docks
  • Damage to fixtures and fittings
  • Trace of leaking water or oil




Your insurance premium is typically based on the exterior square footage of your home multiplied by the cost per square foot which is dependent upon the quality of the build and the finishes. Upon request, BF&M General Insurance Limited will supply, free of cost, an exterior survey of your home that can provide an estimation of the adequate sum insured required for your home.


  • Provides "Peace of Mind" knowing your home is protected against unexpected events
  • Satisfies legal requirements by financial institutions for customers with a mortgage to maintain a valid home insurance policy
  • Flexible payment options as premiums can be paid quarterly, semi-annually or annually

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What amount of insurance coverage should I purchase for my home?

    You should insure your home for the full replacement cost including removal of debris and professional fees. If you have had a recent appraisal done then you can provide those details to your HSBC Representative who will then provide you with a quote.

    If you have not had your property appraised recently, upon request, our insurance partner BF&M General Insurance Limited will provide a free surveying service to evaluate the coverage required for your home. BF&M General Insurance Limited will determine the square footage of your home and calculate the potential cost to rebuild your home in the event it is damaged. A final figure will be recommended as the amount of insurance you need to adequately insure your residence to cover full rebuilding costs including demolition and professional fees.

  2. Can I pay by installments?

    Home Building Insurance premiums can be paid by credit card on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

  3. Can I insure only parts of my home, for example, the roof?

    No, the whole structure of the home needs to be insured. This eliminates the risk of the home being underinsured.

  4. Will my premium go up if I make a claim?

    Our insurance provider BF&M General Insurance Limited has advised that generally speaking premiums increase on a market basis as a result of large claims payments from catastrophic events. Individual premiums do not generally increase as a result of individual claims from non- catastrophic events. However, frequency of claims may result in a review of your insurance policy in order to determine the cause of the claims and any steps that could be taken to reduce claims going forward.

  5. If a tree falls on my house from my neighbour's yard, who will pay for the damages?

    If the neighbour is found negligent he or she will be responsible for the cost of the damages, otherwise the claim will be paid by your insurer subject to the exclusion of tree felling or trimming.

  6. Do I have to purchase a separate Home Building Insurance policy for a stand-alone rental unit which is located on the same property?

    No. The Home Building Insurance policy you have purchased for your primary residence will include coverage for an independent rental unit which is located on the same property, provided it is listed on the policy and is fully insured. In order to receive coverage the main dwelling and the rental unit must be built according to existing building codes.

  7. If I sell my home can I transfer this insurance policy to the new owner?

    Insurance policies are non- transferable. The new owner will need to obtain his or her own, independent insurance policy.

  8. If my home is destroyed in a hurricane will I be compensated for my rental of an apartment while the home is being repaired?

    This policy provides up to 20 percent of the sum insured for finding alternative rental accommodation if you are unable to live in your home.

  9. Are swimming pools and other buildings at my residence covered under this policy?

    Yes, swimming pools, gates, boundary walls and pool houses are covered in this policy provided they are included in the rebuilding costs.

  10. How do I make a claim?

    Claims can be submitted directly to BF&M General Insurance Limited:
    Monday-Friday, 8am- 5pm Customer Service: +441 295 5566
    After Hours 24/7 Claims: +441 298 0247

This information is intended to be a summary of the policy cover provided to us by BF&M Limited in our capacity as an insurance agent of BF&M Limited. For further details, please contact your Relationship Manager or call +441 296 SAFE (7233).

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