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Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance provides financial coverage in the event of accidents, theft, vandalism or collisions involving motor vehicles such as cars and bikes. The policy also provides property and liability coverage in case you damage the property of other individuals during an accident.

Who is this policy for?

  • Owners of cars, bikes, taxis and commercial vehicles
  • Special types of vehicles and trailers

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Coverage Features

Customers may choose between the following Motor Insurance options:

Comprehensive Motor Insurance
A comprehensive Motor Insurance policy protects the policy holder against loss or damage to their own vehicle and third parties. Coverage applies to damage arising from windstorms, vandalism or collisions.

Third Party Liability Insurance
Third party Motor Insurance provides protection for the legal responsibility arising from damages sustained to a third party vehicle when it is found that the policy holder is legally responsible for the accident.


  • Customers can receive a no claims discount with every accident free year
  • No claims discount protection maintains your discount after a claim subject to stated conditions
  • Overseas collision waiver provides property protection for individuals renting cars overseas
  • Third party liability insurance required by the rental agency and will need to be purchased by the customer
  • Receive replacement of a new car if irrevocably damaged in the first year
  • Satisfies the legal requirement in Bermuda for all car owners to possess at minimum third party liability insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it better to purchase third party insurance or comprehensive insurance for my new car?

    It is possible to buy only third party insurance for a new car, as this is required by Bermuda law. It is strongly recommended that customers purchase comprehensive motor insurance as mechanical repairs and other losses can be expensive following a collision. You must purchase comprehensive insurance if you have a loan on the car.

  2. Will this policy cover medical costs for third party injuries if I am found at fault?

    Yes, third party liability insurance will cover medical costs for third party injuries if the policy holder is found at fault up to the specified limit of insurance.

  3. What is no claims discount protection?

    No claims discount protection entitles the insured to one claim of up to $15,000 Bermuda dollars that will allow the customer to maintain their No Claims Discount on the policy for the following year.

  4. If I sell my car, will the insurance carry forward to the new owner?

    Motor Insurance is not transferable. The new owner will need to purchase their own Motor Insurance policy.

  5. Do I need to purchase additional insurance when I rent a car overseas?

    This insurance policy provides customers with property protection that can be applied to their car rentals that do not exceed $25,000 Bermuda dollars.

  6. Can I claim on my motor insurance policy to pay for regular mechanical services?

    No, mechanical costs for normal wear and tear and maintenance of vehicles are not covered under your motor insurance policy.

  7. If the license has expired on my car but the insurance is still valid, will I still be able to claim from my insurance if I get into an accident?

    Motor Insurance claims will only be honored if the vehicle has a valid license as per the Bermuda Motor Car Act 1951.

  8. What is new car replacement?

    If the policy holder's car is damaged within one year of its purchase and the repairs cost more than the sum insured, the car will be replaced at the current new car value.

  9. Does the car have to be inspected before it is insured?

    No, the car does not have to be inspected before insurance is obtained.

  10. How do I make a claim? Claims can be submitted directly to BF&M General Insurance Limited:
    Monday-Friday, 8am- 5pm Customer Service: +441 295 5566
    After Hours 24/7 Claims Helpline: +441 298 0247

This information is intended to be a summary of the policy cover provided to us by BF&M Limited in our capacity as an insurance agent of BF&M Limited. For further details, please contact your Relationship Manager or call +441 296 SAFE (7233).

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