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At HSBC we help you choose the best solutions that fit your life. If you concentrate on your goals, save and invest regularly, you may see more than your money grow. Today’s dreams may become tomorrow’s reality.

lifePlan is HSBC’s investment savings plan. A simple, flexible and effortless way of saving and investing. With lifePlan, you don’t have to save a large lump sum to meet an initial investment amount. For a minimum of $100 a month you can gain access to our flagship fund range, the HSBC World Selection Portfolios, and start saving toward your goals.

Saving vs. investing your money

The challenge with savings accounts
With interest rates at all-time lows, a savings account is not as attractive as it used to be. When you take into account how inflation can eat into the value of your money, you need to think about how you can maintain its purchasing power over the long-term. In a savings account, your money might be protected but chances are it won’t buy as much in ten years’ time as it will today. As you look further ahead to your retirement years, the impact of inflation on your savings could become even more significant.

The alternative
If you are able to put aside money monthly for three years or more, then one route to potential growth could be to invest it. Investing could bring a much greater potential for growth than a savings account, but carries with it the risk that you could get back less than you invested.


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Start investing earlier and regularly

To finish further ahead
Regular investing puts the power of compound growth on your side and the earlier you start, the more you may have.

Invest regularly
It makes saving easier by adding discipline to your regular savings plan. Additionally, by investing regularly and buying investment shares in fixed dollar amounts each month, you purchase more shares when the price is low and fewer shares when the price is high, lowering the average cost per share over time in a fluctuating market.

Saving and investing your money both have their place in a financial plan and an HSBC Wealth Specialist or Premier Relationship Manager can help you develop your strategy.

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The value of investments and any income they generate can go down as well as up, meaning you may not get back the full amount you invested. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

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