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Green Loans

Our New Green Loans were designed specifically with the purchase of Solar Panels in mind.

You can spread the cost of purchasing Solar Panels by obtaining a loan.

When borrowing for “Green”* purposes you get;

  • Reduced interest rate of 6% variable (our lowest available unsecured loan rate)
  • Borrow for up to 7 years (our longest available term on an unsecured loan)
  • 100% financing

Apply today

Apply online or to make an appointment call +1 441 299 5959.

Apply online and save $200.

By installing Solar Panels you can reduce your electricity bill – talk to your Solar Provider to discuss the savings that could be made for your home.

You could use the money saved from the reduced electricity payment to pay for some or all of your monthly loan payment. After the loan ends you will continue to save on your bill!


Cost of Solar Panel installation & energy saving enhancements to your home $30k (Example Only)

Monthly Electricity Saving $565.42**

Monthly Cost of a Green Loan for $30k over 7 years $438.26

Customer Savings for first 7 years $127.16

Expected life of Solar Panels is 30 years** so for the following 23 years (after loan is repaid) you will continue to save on your electricity bill.

**Energy Saving Figures and Expected Solar Panel Life were provided by a local Solar company and are estimates only. Actual savings will vary depending on the position and size of your home and your energy consumption

Other Uses

You can use the loan for a number of *Green purposes.

*Green Purposes are defined as;

  • Solar Panels
  • Electric Cars
  • Solar Water Heaters
  • Other recommended energy saving enhancements to your home as advised by your Solar Company.

Green Loans FAQs

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