World Selection Funds

At HSBC we believe a multi-asset approach is important when creating a sound financial strategy.
HSBC World Selection is our flagship fund range, designed for investors seeking portfolio diversification through one single investment.

Through this single investment you can gain access to equity and bond markets as well as alternative markets when our asset allocation views allow. Also, you may reduce fluctuations in your portfolio value, because as one asset drops it will be offset by another asset rising.

Therefore, compared with a single asset investment, the World Selection range of funds aims to provide improved risk-adjusted returns through broad diversification across many different asset classes, regions and currencies.

Your gateway to a world of investments

When you invest in World Selection Funds, you access wealth-building opportunities from local and global investment managers. Let our HSBC Wealth Advisers help you choose a fund that contains investments best suited to your financial goals:

  • Select a fund based on your investment needs and risk tolerance, from conservative to aggressive
  • Benefit from the professional money management of HSBC and third-party managers
  • Capitalize on opportunities in emerging markets

Global management expertise

You can rest easy knowing that your World Selection Fund is continuously monitored by portfolio managers who:

  • Offer on-the-ground support while living and working in the same markets as the funds they manage
  • Ensure your fund remains in line with your investment objectives and adapts to rapidly changing market conditions

HSBC World Selection opportunities

The five portfolios aim to provide capital growth by investing in global markets and a wide range of asset classes. The main difference between the five portfolios is the amount of risk they're exposed to.

Portfolio 1 - for investors with a lower risk investment strategy.

Portfolio 2 - for investors with a lower to medium risk investment strategy.

Portfolio 3 - for investors with a medium risk investment strategy.

Portfolio 4 - for investors with a medium to higher risk investment strategy.

Portfolio 5 - for investors with a higher risk investment strategy.



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The value of investments and any income they generate can go down as well as up, meaning you may not get back the full amount you invested. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

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