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Plan now for the future you want

Of course, life is filled with lots of different needs and aspirations. So the chances are you've got more than one goal that you'd like to put your money towards.

For money you're not going to need for years, taking a degree of investment risk could earn you a greater return. 

Whether you are planning for retirement or your child’s education, we will help you get there through investment. With a simplified and personalised approach, we will help guide you to a better tomorrow.

Why invest with HSBC:

  • No cost advice from our investment experts
    Meet with one of our qualified Wealth Advisors who will discuss your goals and the level of risk you are comfortable with to create a personalised investment Strategy, which is tailored to the help you plan for the future you want.
  • No hidden fees or commission
    The returns on your investment are always yours. We won’t charge you any hidden fees or commission for your investment for managing your investment.
  • Investment products to suit your needs
    Choose from a range of investment products that will suit your needs, risk level, and desired level of control.
  • Simplified approach to help you reach your goals
    We offer simple (jargon-less) investment options. We will recommend the best strategy to meet your family’s goal and handle the rest as well.
  • Options to suit your level of risk
    Our Wealth Advisors will work with you to create a risk profile to understand how little, or how much risk, you are willing to take with your investment.

How to invest

Invest with us

Contact a Wealth Advisor on 441 299 5959 to book an appointment in branch or call your Relationship Manager.  

Don't need advice?

Self trade using our telephone service by calling 441 299 5906.

Beginner's guide to investment

Learn the fundamentals of investing.

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