Some fraudsters are trying to exploit the coronavirus outbreak as an opportunity for financial crime. They may pretend to offer medical products, guidance or a safe haven for your money.

However, you can safeguard yourself against such scams by staying vigilant and taking a few precautions.

  • Don't open links or attachments in suspicious emails until you've verified the sender
  • Don't answer any unsolicited calls or messages
  • Don't provide your personal details, including financial information and banking credentials, to anyone

We have created a fraud guide with practical ways that can help you protect yourself from fraud.

Remember, HSBC will never ask you to move money to a safe account.

Protect yourself from credit card fraud

With HSBC Credit Card Alerts, we’ll notify you of activity on your card with a simple email. If you notice any suspicious transactions or activity let us know by calling our 24/7 contact centre immediately on +144 1 299-5518 and we’ll investigate it for you.

Getting support

We're monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and considering its impact on our customers, especially those in heavily affected sectors.

If you think you need a hand with your finances during this time, please call us on +144 1 299 5959. Corporate customers can get in touch with their dedicated Relationship Managers.