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Education Calculator

Find out how much you should be saving to cover the cost of your children's education

Planning your Children's Education

Our handy calculator helps you check if your savings are on track to meet your children’s education expenses - so you can make adjustments if they aren't.

How can the calculator help?

  • Work out how much money you will likely have to save and for how long, to pay for your children’s education expenses
  • Show you the possible outcomes of different risk approaches to your financial goals
For the purposes of this calculator, your child's current age should be less than the age at which they will require funding.
Funds when child goes to university
Above Average -
Average -
Below Average -
Shortfall to target
Above Average -
Average -
Below Average -
Sum of monthly contributions
Above Average -
Average -
Below Average -
Above Average Average Below Average
Funds when child goes to university - - -
Shortfall to target - - -
Sum of monthly contributions - - -
You can see how adjusting your investment risk level can impact your financial goal. Book an appointment with us to discuss your results and find the right risk level and investment options to suit you.

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