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We're committed to achieving net zero, and to making a positive difference in the communities we serve.

Serving our customers and the community

We recognise the importance of supporting local initiatives that address social, economic, and environmental challenges, and we're dedicated to being a catalyst for positive change.

Our support for local community initiatives is rooted in our belief that strong communities are built on collaboration, empowerment, and inclusivity. We understand that by investing in the wellbeing and prosperity of our communities, we contribute to a stronger and more sustainable future for everyone.

Through our community investment programs, we provide financial resources, expertise, and volunteer support to local organisations, charities, and non-profits that are making a meaningful impact. Whether it's supporting small businesses, promoting financial literacy, advancing environmental sustainability, or addressing social inequalities, we are committed to partnering with organizations that share our vision for a better tomorrow.

We believe that by working together with community stakeholders, we can drive positive change and create opportunities for growth, resilience, and prosperity. Our commitment to supporting local initiatives is not just a reflection of HSBC values but a demonstration of our dedication to building stronger, more vibrant communities for generations to come.

The Women's Resource Centre (WRC) | TRANSFORM Programme

The TRANSFORM Programme is designed to support women, by providing access to the tools they need to build or rebuild healthy and fulfilling lives. The programme efficiently packages the foundational services offered by the WRC into a 12-month, 3 phase, in-depth holistic intervention.

HSBC Staff Give Back Programme | PALS & SPCA

Each year, HSBC staff nominate a charity or programme they feel passionate about. The nominated charities are then put to a staff vote, with the top 2 receiving a donation.

HSBC’s Staff Give Back Programme is now in its fifth year and this year the charities benefitting are:

The PALS charity provides care to terminal cancer patients, primarily in a home setting to enhance their quality of life. The organization also provides emotional, physical and social support to its patients as well as support for their families.

The Bermuda SPCA’s mission is to encourage and promote kindness to animals, to provide effective, lawful means for the prevention of cruelty to animals, and to promote education to the public on the care and wellbeing of all animals. 

Age Concern | Client Services & Education Programme

Age Concern Bermuda is an independent, non-profit organization that seeks to ensure older adults have access to important age-related information. Age Concern has over 5,500 registered members who rely on services that inform, educate, and advocate on behalf of the older Bermuda population.

The Reading Clinic | ICAN Math Programme

The ICAN Math Downward Extension programme was created to address the challenges associated with learning difficulties. The programme aims to identify children with math difficulties at a younger age, and helps to develop basic concepts in numeration and narrow gaps in math skills, confidence and engagement in year 3 and 4 students.

Ignite | Young Adult Entrepreneurial Internship Programme

The Ignite Programme provides a structure and community for participants to get a first-hand experience of entrepreneurship and gain relevant experience during an 8-week internship. The objective is to expand participant’s passion for entrepreneurship and facilitate the business formation process. Through mentorships, and training with an assigned local host business, the YAEP develops the functional, managerial, and leadership skills needed to foster successful entrepreneurs.

Bermuda College Foundation | Building Financial Literacy Programme

The Bermuda College's Athora Division of Professional & Career Education (APACE) in partnership with CFA Society Bermuda, is offering a Building Financial Literacy Programme to Bermuda’s vulnerable community. Workshops are aimed at everyone from teenagers to over 65s and cover topics such as Budgeting & Savings, Income & Expenses, Retirement & Fraud.

Bermuda High School Charitable Trust | She Leads Programme

HSBC Bermuda is the primary sponsor of the Bermuda High School (BHS) She Leads Programme, which aims to connect young Bermudian girls in middle and high school across public, private and home schools. The programme provides tools to navigate real-world challenges, in an interactive environment including sessions on stress, confidence boosting, strengthening resilience, and building leadership skills.

Bermuda Zoological Society | Micro Forest Project Initiative

The BZS Micro Forest Project prioritizes planting native-compatible and endemic plants to promote biodiversity and stewardship of our natural heritage. Native plant species evolve to the local conditions, climate and wildlife over many years, and are the least likely to suffer damage during hurricanes. It's these qualities that make them the best choice for an island-wide planting project. HSBC staff have volunteered over 500 hours, planted 330+ plants and 11 plant species in an effort to combat climate change in Bermuda.

Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) | Climate Classroom

The Climate Classroom programme is a series of 5 interactive workshops targeting M2 students (ages 12-13) from private and public schools. These hands-on experiences will teach students the critical role that they play in understanding and combating climate change. Each workshop will address some of the most topically relevant climate change issues for Bermuda, and encourage students to work together. The workshops will leverage information from the HSBC Climate Change and Bermuda report, and the BIOS’ research on the coral reef ecosystem.

Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) | Youth Climate Summit

BUEI hosted their third annual Youth Climate Summit in November 2023 with HSBC as a Co-Transformational Founding Partner. YCS, is a transformative weeklong event uniting over 150 students aged 13-22 from schools across Bermuda. During this week-long summit, participants engage in activities and seminars focused on local climate mitigation in conservation, sustainability and climate justice.

The Coalition for the Protection of Children | Roots for Success Programme

The Roots for Success Programme is a job-readiness training programme that employs a multimedia educational curriculum and work placement program to connect education to employment.

Apply for a donation

Donations are defined as support given to registered charities or non-profit organisations in Bermuda. These partnerships do not have commercial benefits and are strictly for philanthropic purposes.

Who can apply?

We will consider applications from programmes that offer direct benefit to the Bermuda community and support one of our areas of focus:

  • Net-zero transition - supports climate innovation and creates nature-based solutions
  • Resilience - supports local priorities and builds resilience in vulnerable communities
  • Future skills - supports employability, entrepreneurship and financial capabilities
  • Diversity and inclusion - supports social and financial inclusion

How to apply

Submit an application form and all supporting documents within one of our 2 submission windows.

2024 submission windows:

  • 15 March - 12 April
  • 1 September - 30 September
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