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Important Notices

Church Street branch closure

We recently announced that as of 30 June 2022, we will cease operations in our Church Street branch and the branch will permanently close. The Harbourview Centre, St Georges and Somerset branches remain open for business as usual. The staff currently in the Church Street location will move to these three branches and to other areas of the Bank.

As you might be aware, we closed our Church Street branch in January 2022 as a precautionary measure due to the increase in Covid cases. Effective immediately, we will only provide Safe Deposit Box access (by appointment) at the branch until the final closure date. You can make an appointment by calling 299 5959 or 299 5252 if you are a Premier customer.

We wanted to let you know how the Church Street branch closure may impact the way you bank with us, in particular if you are a regular visitor to our Church Street branch.

We know that having a banker available to help when you need to visit our branches is important. This closure provides increased capacity for quality face-to-face services in our remaining three locations. As the Harbourview Centre will be our remaining branch in the city of Hamilton, we're refreshing and updating the layout to better direct you to the services you are looking for, while we encourage the use of digital solutions, such as in branch tablets and dedicated internet banking stations.

As our customers move away from cash-intensive, in-person transactions, and towards, digital banking channels, our goal is to modernize and digitize our customer service offering. For this reason, we are happy to announce that we are adding chat capabilities to our website and online banking platform in March 2022 - another way for you to connect with us.

If you are a Safe Deposit Box holder at the Church Street branch, we will reach out to you shortly to determine if you wish to retain a box or if you no longer have a need for it. If you do wish to keep a Safety Deposit Box, we will provide one at the Harbourview Centre.

We do realize that changing the way you bank with us can be disruptive, so our teams will give added focus on supporting our seniors and business banking customers as they transition to one of our remaining three branch locations. We will continue to ensure that your banking needs are met - whether this is via online banking, with our mobile app, via chat, on our ATM network or in one of our three branch locations, where we continue to proudly serve our community.

Thank you for choosing HSBC.

Contact Center update

We're aware customers have been experiencing longer than normal wait times when dialing our Contact Center. We're sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and would like to assure you we're taking actions to resolve this.

We've added staff to our team so we can better support higher than anticipated call volumes. We've also adjusted our HSBC Advance and Personal Banking hours of availability to 7am to 9pm. This is expected to be a short-term change and does not impact your ability to report lost or stolen cards at any time of the day. This will allow us to redeploy more staff to support our clients during peak business hours.

We apologize again for the ongoing inconvenience.

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Early branch closure schedule

On the 4th Tuesday of every month, all HSBC branches will close at 3:00pm to allow time for training and development to increase knowledge required by our frontline staff.

2022 Early branch closure dates

  • 25 January 2022
  • 22 February 2022
  • 22 March 2022
  • 26 April 2022
  • 24 May 2022
  • 28 June 2022
  • 26 July 2022
  • 23 August 2022
  • 27 September 2022
  • 25 October 2022
  • 22 November 2022

In branch deadlines

On the early closure days, same-day deadlines for ATM and quick deposit envelopes in all currencies will be processed by the following times:

Branch Processing time
Church Street
Compass Point 12.00pm
Harbourview Centre
St. George's 10.00am

On the early closure days, same-day deadlines for ATM and quick deposit envelopes in all currencies will be processed by the following times:

Branch Church Street
Processing time 12.00pm
Branch Compass Point
Processing time 12.00pm
Branch Harbourview Centre
Processing time 12.00pm
Branch Somerset
Processing time 10.00am
Branch St. George's
Processing time 10.00am

Customers are encouraged to use HSBC online banking channels, or, if immediate assistance is required, please call the HSBC Bermuda contact centre on 299 5959

HSBC extended hours

HSBC is pleased to offer extended business hours at the Harborview Centre, Monday - Thursday from 5:00pm -7:00pm for appointments only.

Personal Banking and HSBC Advance customers can book appointments for:

  • Mortgages
  • Personal Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Account Openings

Appointments for other services can be booked during the normal business hours, Monday - Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm.There will be no teller services available in the bank during the extended appointment times. For Premier customers appointments are available during regular business hours.To make an appointment call +1 441 299 5959 or visit one of our Branches.


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