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Energy Efficiency Loan

Flexible finance for energy efficient products such as solar panels and solar water heaters.

What is an Energy Efficiency Loan?

An Energy Efficiency Loan is an unsecured loan that helps you pay for the costs of a variety of energy solutions, such as solar panels and solar water heaters.

Save up to $200 when you apply online

Negotiation fee of up to $200 waived when you apply for an Energy Efficiency Loan online.

Why get an Energy Efficiency Loan?

  • Use for a variety of energy solutions
    Help cover the cost of solar panels, solar water heaters and other energy saving enhancements to your home.
  • Competitive interest rate and long repayment terms
    Borrow for up to 7 years - our longest available term on an unsecured loan.
  • Save up to $200 when you apply online
    Apply for an HSBC Energy Efficiency Loan using online banking and get up to $200 in negotiation fees waived.
  • Make extra payments at any time, free of charge
    You have the flexibility to overpay, which could reduce the amount of interest you pay.

Loan information

Loan type, maximum term and interest rate

Loan type Maximum term Repayment Rate
Unsecured 7 years Principal and interest 6.50%
Loan type Unsecured
Maximum term 7 years
Repayment Principal and interest
Rate 6.50%

Things you should know

Who can apply?

To apply for an Energy Efficiency Loan, you need to be:

  • over 18
  • an existing HSBC customer
  • a resident of Bermuda

How to apply

Apply online

If you're registered for online banking, you can log on and complete an online application form, as follows:

  • log on to online banking
  • go to 'Our Products', then choose 'Online Applications' and then select 'Loans'

Apply by phone

Make an appointment by calling us today on:

Frequently asked questions

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Additional information

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