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Education Loan

Whether online or on campus, an HSBC Education Loan can help cover the cost of tuition and expenses for you or your child.

Kick start a bright future

Covering all levels of education, we offer flexible options to meet the costs of studying at home or abroad. From professional training to private school, an education loan could help you or your child take your next step.

Borrow up to $80,000, and access better interest rates than our standard Personal Loan.

Save up to $200 when you apply online

Negotiation fee of up to $200 waived when you apply for an Education Loan online.

Why get an Education Loan?

  • Easy access to funds
    Once approved, the full loan can be deposited into your HSBC account immediately, or a portion of the funds can be sent to you each term.
  • All education levels
    Get coverage for yourself or a loved one, regardless of age or location. Study locally or abroad, including private school, boarding school and online courses.
  • Pay for tuition and more
    Cover tuition costs or boost your budget for books, supplies, accommodation, travel and other expenses.
  • Choose your term
    Spread your repayments over 5 years, with an optional extra 2 years of interest-only payments. Or choose a shorter term if you prefer. We’ll help you find the best option for you.

Interest rates

Loan type Maximum Term
Repayment Total Rate
Secured 5 years Principal and interest From 6%
Unsecured 5 years Principal and interest From 7%
Loan type Secured
Maximum Term
5 years
Repayment Principal and interest
Total Rate From 6%
Loan type Unsecured
Maximum Term
5 years
Repayment Principal and interest
Total Rate From 7%

Things you should know

Who can apply?

To apply for an Education Loan, you need to be:

  • Over 18
  • An existing HSBC customer
  • A resident of Bermuda

What documentation will I need? 

Before we can approve your loan you'll need to provide ID, plus proof of address and income.

You'll also need to show us an acceptance letter from the institute you or your child are going to study at.

How to apply

Apply online

If you're registered for online banking, you can complete an online application form, as follows:

  • Log on to online banking
  • Go to 'Our Products', then choose 'Online Applications' from the top navigation and select 'Loans'

Apply by phone

Make an appointment by calling us today on

Frequently asked questions

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Additional information

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