We know many of you are worried about how your finances might be affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19).

To help you through these uncertain times, we’re working hard to make sure you have the advice and support you need.

Branch opening hours

Effective 6 April 2020, all HSBC Branches will be closed.

In response to the Bermuda Government’s impending ‘shelter in place order’, which takes effect at 6:00am on Saturday, April 4, effective Monday, April 6 all HSBC Bermuda branches will be closed. The bank will remain closed to the public throughout the duration of the 14 day initial period of the order or until notified otherwise by the Government.

HSBC ATMs will be available to the public, along with online banking services. The HSBC Bermuda Contact Center will be available during normal hours by calling 299-5959. Pre-orders for bank drafts, cash orders, and bank cheques requested via online banking or the Contact Center will not be filled until Branch operating hours have been re-established.

We encourage you to use online banking channels as much as possible. You can manage much of your everyday banking needs through online banking or our mobile banking app without needing to leave home. If you are in need of assistance during this time, please contact your banking Relationship Manager or call 299-5959 for assistance. We are here to work with you to determine the most appropriate support during this time.

Financial support

One of the ways we are offering support is through the reduction of the bank’s Base Lending Rates (‘BLRs’) for business and retail customers borrowing in BMD. These changes will take effect on 01 May 2020.  The BLR for retail customers will reduce by 0.25% (i.e. from 3.75% to 3.5%) and, given the challenges faced by small businesses in particular, we will reduce the BLR for business clients by 0.5% (i.e. from 4.75% to 4.25%). Borrowers in USD would see their loans re-priced based at prevailing market rates depending on their contractual terms.

Additionally, if you are experiencing financial difficulties due to the pandemic, we would like to remind you to pro-actively contact your banking Relationship Manager, or call us on 299 5959 so we can help you over the phone. We will review each case on an individual basis to determine the most appropriate way in which to support you regarding your particular financial challenges.

Day to day banking

In these uncertain times, the safety and well-being of our customers and employees remains our top priority. As the local response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) begins to impact our community in Bermuda, we remain committed to ensuring that you will continue to be able to access the key services and support you require.

Please bear with us over the coming period as we do our best to ensure we are able to deliver banking services while complying with all guidance received in relation to containment of any infection identified. This may mean modified branch services, changes to existing or future appointments, and some potential delays as we work our way through these challenges, and we ask for your patience and understanding in the days and weeks ahead.

Banking from home

You can manage your everyday banking needs through online banking or our mobile banking app (on compatible devices) without needing to leave home. 

There’s no need to visit a branch to make most payments - your banking needs are at the touch of a button.

Visit our Ways to Bank page for more information.

Beware of fraud

Some criminals are using the Coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to scam the public. This includes offering medical products, guidance or a safe haven for money.

Please be vigilant and heed the following advice:

  • Do not click on links or attachments in suspicious emails until you have validated the source
  • Do not respond to unsolicited calls or messages
  • Do not provide your personal or financial details

Remember, HSBC will never ask you to move money to a safe account. 

Protect your credit card from fraud

With HSBC Credit Card Alerts, we’ll notify you of activity on your card with a simple email. If you notice any suspicious transactions or activity let us know by calling our 24/7 contact centre immediately on 299-5518 and we’ll investigate it for you.