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Global View and Global Transfers

An easier way to transfer money for Advance and Premier customers

We’ve made it quick and easy to manage your finances outside of Bermuda. From making simple international transfers and accessing your foreign currency accounts to tailored services and support, our foreign exchange products and services can help you to manage your money at home and abroad.

Global View

Global View and Global Transfer makes it easy to manage overseas HSBC accounts. You can view, manage and transfer funds between all your HSBC accounts worldwide in one convenient place online.

Available for Advance and Premier customers, the service gives you a simple view of all of your linked HSBC accounts on your online banking. Not only that, when using Global View, you can make transfers quickly and save money on transfer fees.


  • Easy and convenient
    Easily view the balances on your eligible worldwide accounts via a single logon and make your global transfers anytime, anywhere via online banking.
  • Transfer up to 100,000 USD
    You can transfer up to 100,000 USD a day (or currency equivalent) using Personal online banking.
  • Quick way to move money
    HSBC Global Transfers is the quickest way to move money between your globally linked accounts. You also have the ability to set up future dated or recurring payments.
  • Reduced transfer fees
    Our Premier customers are not charged transfer fees when using Global Transfer, also our Advance customers receive a reduced rate.
  • Exchange rate certainty
    Take control with real time foreign exchange rates, enabling you to transfer your money when it suits you.

How to get started

Link your overseas accounts to start using Global View and Global Transfer on online banking.

Don’t have online banking?

Register now to get started with online banking. You'll just need to answer a few basic questions and we’ll send a confirmation code to your phone.



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