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I don't recognise a transaction

If you spot a transaction that you don't recognise, and you suspect that it may be fraudulent, please call +1 441 299 5518 to report it. 

Common reasons for unrecognised transactions

An unfamiliar transaction on your account may not be fraud. Before you report a transaction, check whether any of these explanations could apply:

Unfamiliar transaction description

Some businesses, especially online services, can show under a different name on your statement to the one that is familiar. If you recognise the company name, it may be wise to check with them first.

Unfamiliar transaction date

Not all payments are processed on the same day the transaction was made. Could this be a transaction that has simply been processed a little later than expected?

Joint account holder

If you share your account with someone else, check whether they recognise the transaction.

Adjacent transactions

Take a look at other transactions showing on your statement at a similar time. This may remind you of where you were when the transaction that you don't recognise was made.

Free trials

If you signed up for a free trial recently, check the trial period and terms and conditions. It may have expired and you may now be paying for goods or services.

Overseas transactions

If you've been abroad recently, the amount on the receipt could be different to the amount on the statement as a result of the exchange rate.

I want to dispute a card transaction

If there's a card payment that you recognise but would still like to dispute, please reach out to our contact centre, where a member of our team will help you to complete a dispute form.

Before doing this, you may want to contact the retailer first. If the disputed transaction was due to a misunderstanding or a human error, they may be able to put it right more quickly than we can. 

Common reasons for disputing a recognised transaction may include:

  • issues with the goods or services provided
  • if you feel you have been overcharged or charged multiple times in error
  • cancelled subscriptions or reservations
  • refunds requested but not processed 

My card is lost or has been stolen

If your card is lost or you believe it has been stolen, you should contact us immediately on +1 441 299 5518. A member of our team will be happy to assist you, including deactivating the card and issuing a replacement to prevent misuse.

I've received a suspicious message

If you receive a suspicious email or SMS claiming to be from HSBC, check carefully before you answer it. If you're unsure whether it's trustworthy, do not open any links or attachments and instead contact us by phone or in branch to check whether you need to take any action.

HSBC will never ask you to share sensitive information via email or SMS. Take a look at our fraud protection guide for more information. 

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