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Quarterly Bonus Saver Account

With a minimum deposit of only $100, earn an additional BONUS INTEREST for no withdrawals within each qualifying 3 month period. Open an account today!

Quarterly Bonus Saver Account

Our Quarterly Bonus Saver Account is an instant access account with an additional bonus interest if no withdrawals are made.


Existing customers can open a new account from the comfort of your home using online banking.


  • Standard interest rates of 0.10% on BMD deposits

    Automatically given to the account regardless of withdrawals, the account just needs to maintain a minimum $100 balance.

  • Bonus interest

    If no withdrawals are made after each qualifying 3 month period2

  • Easy to open

    Apply for a Quarterly Bonus Saver online through personal online banking or make an appointment with a Premium Banker or Premier Relationship Manager.

  • Available in Bermuda dollars, US dollars and Canadian dollars

  • Easy access to your money

    No notice required for withdrawals.

See how much you can save

Find out how much you can earn with our Quarterly Bonus Saver calculator.

Things you should know

  • The minimum opening balance for this account is BMD$100, USD$100 or CAD$100
  • Standard interest - automatically given to the account when it is opened. The standard interest is calculated daily and paid monthly to your Quarterly Bonus Saver Account on the first business day of the next calendar month. Where the first day of the month is not a business day, the interest amount will include any interest accrued up to (but not including) the first business day of the month. No interest will be paid for any day when the balance is below the minimum balance requirements (ie $100).
  • Bonus interest - interest paid in addition to the standard rate if no withdrawals are made within a qualifying 3 month period. If withdrawals are made from the account, the qualifying 3 month period will reset on the first business day of the next month, if the withdrawal did not take the balance under the $100 minimum requirement.
  • View the Quarterly Bonus Saver Interest Rates


Apply now

Existing customers

If you are already a HSBC customer, simply log on to online banking and create a new account.

New customers

If this is your first HSBC account, you can apply online in a matter of minutes by completing our simple form

Apply in branch

It’s often quicker to apply online, but we’re still here in branch for those who need our support.

Call +1 441 299 5959 to book an appointment.

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Additional information

1AER - Annual Equivalent Rate which is interest earned on an annual basis.

2A 'qualifying 3-month period' is 3 full consecutive calendar months (eg 1 February – 30 April) wherein no withdrawals have been made from the account.


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