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Global investing

Discover a world of investment opportunities

Invest with confidence

As a leading global bank, we specialise in connecting our customers to the world's largest and fastest-growing economies.

Our network of investment professionals is active in 25 countries and territories, giving you access to a range of opportunities from New York to Hong Kong.

Get in touch today to learn how our world-beating investment specialists can help you to reach your financial goals. 

Benefits of investing with HSBC

  • experienced investment specialists will guide you through every stage of the process
  • manage your investments in a range of currencies
  • invest in a range of emerging markets with the help of experienced local lead managers
  • a choice of single asset or multi asset income-focused funds
  • review your investments online at any time
  • access Bermuda-based wealth specialists with connections to global money markets

Our investment products

Sustainable investing

Supporting sustainable investment opportunities is at the core of HSBC's global approach. We offer a range of products to help our customers to make sustainable choices without compromising their financial goals.

ESG investing explained

Explore your investment potential

Our investment platform allows you to start with as little as $1000, or $100 a month in a regular investment plan.

To find out more, book a no-cost initial consultation with one of our dedicated Wealth Specialists.

They'll work with you to assess your financial goals, your current situation and your attitude towards risk. This will help them make a tailored recommendation reflecting your needs.

Premier customers

Complete an Investment Planning form and your Relationship Manager will get back to you to arrange a financial review.

All other customers

Just give us a few details and we'll be in touch to set up your financial review. 

Self trading service

If you already have investments with us and prefer to handle things yourself, you can also use our self-trading telephone service at +1 441 299 5906 for all your investment needs. 

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