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Retire on your terms

Take control of your future and plan for the retirement you want with an HSBC investment plan

Do you know how much you'll need to retire? It may be more than you think.

Investing through HSBC can help you to retire on your terms. Reach out to one of our advisers, and let's talk about how you can start preparing today for a comfortable retirement tomorrow.

How we can help you get started


Get expert guidance at no cost to create a personalised financial plan to help you retire comfortably.


A range of opportunities to make your money work harder for you. 


It's never too early to start putting money aside for retirement. Discover how much you should be putting aside to help ensure that your golden years are comfortable and free from financial worries. 


A step by step guide on how to use our savings calculators.

Guides to help you prepare for retirement


Check out our decade-by-decade roadmap to a more prosperous future.


Accessible and affordable – how a personal financial plan could help you to make your money go further.


What's the difference? And which is right for you?


How to get a head start on your savings and investment journey?

Make an appointment

Make an appointment with one of our specialists to help plan for your financial future.


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