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Planning ahead for educational expenses

An HSBC investment can help you to get a college fund started for whatever his plans are in the future

Saving to fund your children or grandchildren's education can be challenging, but the rewards can last a lifetime.

To make sure their future is secure, an educational investment plan is critical. A disciplined strategic approach with regular progress reviews can help you to manage rising costs and accumulate the right amount of assets at the right time.

Every plan is unique, so let our experts help. Please schedule a review with our HSBC Wealth Advisors to receive recommendations on strategies that may be suitable for you. We'll look at a variety of personal factors to create a plan that serves your family's best interests.

How we can help you get started


Get expert guidance at no cost to create a personalised financial plan to help you save for your child’s education.


A range of opportunities to make your money work harder for you. 


Calculate how much you should be putting aside each month to help ensure the best educational opportunities for your children.


A step by step guide on how to use our savings calculators.

Guides to help you build your future


It's never too early to start learning about financial literacy and responsible spending.


Invest in your child's future and help them to fulfil their educational potential with a good savings strategy.


Accessible and affordable – how a personal financial plan could help you to make your money go further.


Getting to grips with risk could help you to grow your money.

Make an appointment

Make an appointment with one of our specialists to help plan for your financial future.


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