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Working towards a more sustainable future

Protecting our planet is a responsibility we all share. From tackling global climate change to supporting environmentally friendly initiatives here in Bermuda, at HSBC we're committed to offering sustainable, socially responsible choices to our customers. Let's make a difference together.

Discover how we’re supporting local initiatives to protect our unique environment and promote sustainability in Bermuda.

Learn about HSBC's global plan to become carbon net zero by 2050.


This link will take you to the HSBC Global website.

We help businesses meet their environmental goals. Learn more about our energy efficient business products and services.
Sustainable wealth and investments

We're constantly evolving our products and services to make banking more sustainable and energy efficient.

We're the first bank in Bermuda to issue new bank cards made from 85% recycled plastic.

Doing the right thing for our clients is our most important responsibility.

Discover how Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) helps us to offer you more sustainable choices while adding real value to your investments.

Enjoy preferential interest rates when you take out a HSBC Energy Efficiency and Electric Vehicle loan to help pay for environmentally-friendly purchases including solar panels, water heaters and electric cars.

Help us to cut down on waste paper by signing up for online and mobile banking.

Access all your accounts in just a few clicks - no paper statements required!

Our Charity Partners

Find out more about the charities and local initiatives that we’ve partnered with in Bermuda.

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