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Are you a Smart Shopper?

Take our quiz and test your money-saving skills

Do you know how to spot a bargain?

Many stores like to promise discounts and special offers on their most popular products, but can you tell the real deals from the rip-offs?

Take a look at the offers below and try to guess which options offer the best value for money. 

1. Your favourite snack costs $3 per packet, but a multiple pack of ten cost $25. Which is the best deal?

  • buying individually
  • buying a multipack

2. You want to subscribe to an online streaming service that costs $27 per month at the normal price. Which of the following offer is the best value?

  • one month free trial and then eleven payments of $27
  • 10% off for twelve months
  • twelve months pass for $299

3. You visit a shop to buy a toy for your baby sister, you have $20 to spend. The toy costs $20, but has a number of offers available. Which one is the best value for money?

  • buy one, get one half price
  • buy one, get one free
  • 40% discount

4. It's a hot summers day, you and your three friends decide to buy some ice-creams. Which offer represents the best value for money? You have $15 to spend. Each ice cream costs $3.00.

  • buy one, get one half price
  • buy four ice-creams to get 30% off
  • special offer: $10 for four ice-creams

5. You have decided to go to the theme park for the day with your best friend. You have $50 each to spend on the rides, all rides are $25 per go. Which option gets you more rides for your money?

  • three rides for the price of two
  • five rides pass for $80
  • special offer: 30% off all rides

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